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Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 Case

Looking for a designer iPhone 4 case? Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 case is something you can definitely find on sites like Amazon. The only thing with design items is the price. And in this case, the pricing isn’t that high at all! You can get some nice cases for around 10$ already!

Let’s get in and check out some cool cases.

ThumbnailStarsMaterialPrice on Amazon
***** (5)Leather$28.66

* (1)Vinyl$17.00

***** (5)Plastic$12.00


If you want to check out whether this is a fake designer iPhone 4 Case check out this article.

Exquisite Louis Vuitton White Color Case for iphone 4

This case enables you to show both the Louis Vuitton logo and the Apple logo! it has a bright color, which makes it nice to see for the eye and easy to see in a purse.

LV Style iPhone 4 Deluxe Case Black Monogram Design Cover

The same cover, only now in black! A little harder to find in the purse, but still it looks really classy. And both of them, only 29$ over at Amazon!

Designer Hard Case for iPhone 4

A hard case with a fresh, bright, design. Perfect for people who don’t want to brag with their design cases, but do want to have a good looking case.

Hard Plastic Design Black and White Louis Vuitton Swarovski Crystal Cover

A Swarovski iPhone 4 Case, but with class. There are other cases with crystals on them which you cannot hold anymore, but this is just one with class and with a reasonable price. Now only 24.99$! Compared to other Swarovski cases, this is a very good price.

The ones available on Amazon look really good and make it really worthy to check out a Louis Vuitton iPhone Case.

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